The Team: from left to right; Dr. Gary Mouradian, Jr., Dr. Santiago Alvarez, Amanda Mui, Anna Manis, Dr. Paul Martino, Dr. Hodges and Matt Dillard

Hodges Lab - Est. 2009

Our major goal is to study genes, proteins, brain cells and animal models to better understand how the brain regulates breathing in health and disease. The Hodges Lab is dedicated to defining the roles of specific brainstem neurons that collectively contribute to the neuromuscular control of breathing in mammals.  We believe that these cells are embedded within vital physiological systems and may be dysfunctional in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and forms of reflex epilepsy, but necessary for adaptation to pediatric pulmonary disease. We aim to:

1) identify molecular determinants of intrinsic pH sensitivity, specifically in brainstem 5-HT neurons

2) determine the importance of 5-HT and other raphe-derived neurochemicals in the ventilatory CO2 chemoreflex,

3) determine how potassium ion channel mutations lead to seizure disorder and alter ventilatory control

4) find ways to identify increased risk of SIDS in humans by creating and studying animal models of 5-HT system dysfunction, and

5) to determine how impaired lung development alters how the brain regulates breathing.

We are always searching for qualified lab technicians, students and post-docs interested in working on these and other related projects. If you're interested in joining our team, click the link at the bottom of the page.